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Do you speak more than you listen?
Itís most important that everyone know just what Iím thinking.
I do an even balance of each.
Why talk when other people have so much to say?


Are You a Good Listener?

Do you like talking to people? Most people do! When you talk to someone, it feels good because the other person is listening to what you say and understanding you. Did you know that they feel just as good when you listen to them?  Being a good listener is very important. It’s more important than being a good talker because you don’t learn anything new when you talk. But you do every time you listen!little kids talking

Here are some ways you can practice listening better:      

Write things down after someone tells you something. When something interests you that another person said, write it down as soon as you get the chance! This shows that you think it’s important enough to never forget.

Count your sentences. If you are talking to someone and you say more than seven sentences, pause and ask them if they have anything to say. They might have been waiting politely to tell you some new idea you just gave them.

Ask, “Does that answer your question?” When someone asks you a question, sometimes it’s easy to go on and on with your answer. Instead, after a few sentences, ask to see if what you said is enough. Then you can listen to the other person.

Everyone will be happy to talk to you since you’re such a good listener!

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