95% of the notes printed each year are used to replace notes already in, or taken out of, circulation.
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Are you responsible with your money?
I try to be!


Parents Have Responsibilities with Money

Do you know your parents have a lot of responsibilities to take care of every month when it comes to money? There are a lot of things grown-ups need to be responsible for,  here are just a few:

  • Paying for bills – Hear your parents talking about the bills they have to pay? Water, lights and heat all cost money and your parents need to pay for these things every month.
  • Paying for the car – Cars cost a lot of money to buy and to fix when something breaks – as well the gas to keep the car running.
  • Saving money – It’s very important for grown-ups to save money for things they may need later on. Most parents have savings accounts for any expenses down the road that they didn’t think they’d have.
  • Paying for food – Every meal that ends up in your stomach ends up costing your parents money. Whether you eat at home or go out to eat, it all costs money.
  • Buying things for you – Not only do your parents pay for the house you live in and the food you eat, they also have to buy other things for you like clothes, toys, books, etc. And guess what? They all cost money too!

Money is important because that’s how we get the things we need or want. But it doesn’t grow on trees! It takes a lot of hard work to get money to buy things. Be sure to thank mom and dad once in a while for all they do for you!


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